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Organic World pioneers in organic, healthy and high quality nutritious food. We support local and international organic, biodynamic farming communities. Creating a better environment for All Life Forms.

The growers of our Certified Organic Products have been inspected by an International Certification Body and the produce is organically grown, without artificial fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides including NO genetically manipulated seeds, according to International standards. All our Organic and Conventional products are labeled or mention the status of the product eg: Do not contain any preservatives, colouring or sugar. Where necessary we substitute with non-organic products.

Dear genetic-free non-manipulated Customers,
At Organic World we offer genetic-free certified organic food to ensure safety in respect of your health and our precious natural environment. We are committed to supply you safe, tasty and nutritional food that was part of a natural selection and evolution many billions years ago before man started to commercialise our planet earth. It is not in his or our interest to let him introduce his own inferior creation called science (genetic engineering) to an existing, natural and far more sophisticated infinite divine law that he has not yet understood or acknowledged. We must be cautious how we interpret and apply scientific solutions as this impacts on all living organisms from the lowest to the highest order and therefore can be detrimental as a consequence.

The question is, do we want to follow man in his attempt to “compete” or “recreate” our already perfect natural balanced planet earth or do we want to live in his own super-artificial created environment that is so far from real that we might not recognize ourselves and the world we live in?

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We are able to supply certified organic, fresh and processed products to the international community. Please contact us with your requirements.






The answer to you, the reader, is obvious. Together we hopefully maintain to live by the standards and laws that nature provides to all of us free of charge.